Welcome to gabi. 

We are more than just a swimwear brand – we are a celebration of a lifelong love affair with the ocean. Dive in and discover our story.

Growing up, I constantly wanted to be in the water. Whether that be the pool, a lake or an ocean. I understand the need for swimwear that can keep up with your movements without sacrificing style. Pieces you can go cliff jumping or surfing in that look just as good when lounging by the pool. We kept this in mind when curating the designs ensuring you’ll be strapped in for any adventure.

At gabi, we aspire to create sustainable and timeless swimwear. The swimwear fabric used in our first collection is made from recycled water bottles. The plastic is transformed into a lux and soft nylon fabric. We hope to give the plastic a second life that can prevent more waste from ending up in our oceans and landfills. 

Our love for the ocean extends into our production. Designed in LA and made in Bali with an all woman production team. We value sustainability and ethical practices when producing. Not only do we care about the planet we live on, but the people we share it with as well. It is important to us that everyone who works on the production of gabi is treated fairly and with kindness. By purchasing gabi swim, we continue to support local artisans and woman run businesses. 

We are so grateful to have you as a part of our journey and cannot wait to continue to grow with your love and support.